Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas, It's All About the Presence!

Another Christmas has come and gone. When you ask people about their Christmas, the gifts they received are often a big part of the conversation. A lot about Christmas revolves around presents. What are you getting? What did you give? Presents at Christmas remind us of God's present to us, His Son. Presents are fun, but they are not what Christmas is all about. Christmas is all about the presence.

The Bible tells us the savior would be called Immanuel which means God with us. What better way to describe Jesus. True God from all eternity puts aside his power and glory and leaves his heavenly home. Why? To join us here on earth. God truly was with us. This was God's original intent for us, that we would dwell with him. Adam and Eve knew God, they spent time with him. Sin caused a separation that no man could overcome. So Jesus came to once again dwell with us. But this did not end with his temporary time on earth. He came to restore what Adam and Eve had lost. He destroyed the sin that separates us from God. He came that we might be with Him. Jesus is Immanuel, not just on earth, but through eternity for those who believe. The presence of God that was lost in the garden was restored on the cross. Jesus promises that He will be with us always. We are not alone in our time on earth. He is with us and will be until that time that we join Him in heaven.

While most people are focusing on the presents they recently got, we focus on the presence. God's presence among us through Jesus coming to earth and our eternal presence with Him through Jesus death and resurrection.

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