Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cast Your Anxiety On Him

Lately life seems to be really getting me down. This is something that can be expected from time to time. Life in this sin filled and imperfect world is going to have suffering. It comes in many forms. Work is stressing you out. Maybe you feel stuck in a situation. Financial troubles cause severe stress on individuals. Illness and disease cause pain and suffering. There is no shortage of things that cause complication, stress and suffering in the world. Some may ask, "How could a loving God allow all of this?" The answer is simple. God did not intend for this. He created a perfect world full of perfect creatures. Pain and suffering were not part of his original creation. But when mankind fell into sin, death and suffering came into the world. We cannot blame God but, only ourselves for this. However, God did not leave us in this state of despair. We know that God sent his one and only Son to save us from sin, death and the devil. But what about all our day to day troubles. Romans 8:32 reminds us that if God did not spare his Son, how will he not also give us everything we need. It is nothing for Him to provide for all our daily needs. It is not hard, it does not require effort or sacrifice on His part. Giving up His Son and allowing his suffering and death however was hard. And yet, He did it. Why? For us. If He would do that, why not the things that are easy.

Jesus reminds us not to worry but simply trust God. He reminds us that God provides for the flowers of the field and the small birds of the air, both of which are fairly insignificant when compared to His love for us. If He will provide for plants and birds, then he will certainly provide for us. So we have no need for worry or anxiety. And yet, God knows that our faith is often week. Despite knowing what he will do for us, we still tend to worry and have lives full of anxiety. So Peter reminds us in I Peter 5:7 to cast that anxiety on him. Give it up, let it go. For some reason this is hard for us. It seems no matter how hard I try to just hand it over, I still hang on to it. But God lovingly invites us to give it all to Him. He can handle it, it's no problem. I'll take it all He tells us. God loves us and does not want us to worry. When your life becomes full of stress and worry, give it all to God. Hand it over, let it go. If you struggle with this, pray. Ask God to take it. Ask Him to help you let it go. Always remember what God has done for you. We know in all things He works for our good. We can't always see how, but we trust His promise that it will. Remember that in the end, regardless of what comes our way in life, we know what will come in the next. Life will never be perfect on earth, but in will be in heaven. Keep your eyes on that and God's promises to overcome whatever trouble life has thrown at you.

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